5 reasons to choose your car or limousine with driver for your Wedding

  • No security or financial security is required

  • Not allowed to drive either

  • We are 100% responsible for the vehicle

  • Fuel + motorway charges are included

  • Unlimited transport of people transported

Let us lead you, we take care of the rest!

Care at home on a red carpet

4 hours rental with driver

Sumptuous external floral decoration Offered

1 bottle of champagne Available

Or Pack soft drinks

Care at home

Conduct of the bride at the hairdressing salon and the town hall

Walking in the places of your choice

Several stops for photo shoots

Transfer to ceremony place

Professional Driver


Making of highways

150 km included

A bottle of Champagne or soft drinks pack

Unlimited transport of people transported


Accompanied at home, on estimate.

Champagne 60 €

Open bar Non-alcoholic beverage 55 €

Flocking of the first names on the sides of the limousine 195 €

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